open Saturday 4/4 please follow important links below for information

open Saturday 4/4 please follow important links below for information

open Saturday 4/4 please follow important links below for informationopen Saturday 4/4 please follow important links below for informationopen Saturday 4/4 please follow important links below for information

Green Fee Rates

During this very dangerous and uncharted time, we find ourselves as being one

of the few golf course accepting play. We are taking extra measures to sanitize everything more extensively, and this requires us to place new limits on golf.

One of these restrictions is that no matter what time you start play, carts must

be returned to the pro shop by 8 pm. This allows us to properly clean and sanitize

the carts for the next day's play. We appreciate your cooperation.

Secondly, we are holding our rates to posted amounts, which were determined and

displayed back in December of last year. We are not artificially raising rates to take

advantage of the coronavirus situation. 

Our rates will also fluctuate throughout the week, depending on the day and

the time of day as well. Times that are less populated will be priced accordingly, and

times that are highly requested will also be priced accordingly.

This is called DYNAMIC PRICING, and once again, the decision to utilize this valuable

tool was determined last year.

This means that at times of high demand, the rates may be higher than rack rates,

and during less demand times, they may be lower.

Rack Rates - 18 holes

Weekday - $35

Weekend & Holidays - $45

Rack Rates - 9 holes

Weekday - $18

Weekend & Holidays - $23

Replay Rates

9 holes - $10

18 holes - $20

Please keep in mind that rates will vary, according to demand.

You may pay higher rates during high demand, and lower rates

at times when demand for the course is slower.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this policy

airifying greens Monday 3/30 - 4/10

Why airify?

Airifying greens - golfers hate the process. Why do we need to airify?

The greens are living, breathing structures, and just like humans, when their ability

to breathe is restricted, they begin to fall ill. Airifying allows both air and water to move

deeper into the ground, providing more oxygen and water to the root structure.

When the greend have a deep root structure, they are much healthier. A healthier

green can outgrow weeds, and is less prone to infestation by insects that might damage

the gress.

Short answer - airifying provides an overall better putting surface.

Discount for playing

Golfers playing during this process will 

be playing either the same 9 holes twice

or one 9 of untouched greens and another 9 holes of aerified greens.

Because of this, we will be discounting 

the rate to play during this time.

Doing this airifying twice a year is what

keeps the greens at Thoroughbred so

true and playable. Dare we say, the best

greens in the area? We don't say it - our

customers, who play many courses do.

Coronavirus/Covid-19 Information - Friday 3/27 Update

Update 7:00 am  Saturday, 4/4

With some new policies, and some old policies as well, we will be open for business

as usual for Saturday, 4/4 We will have some restricitons, and we hope that by

everyone working together, we can enjoy a great day of golf!

What I see as the most important issue is the matter of keeping a social distance of

 6 feet from others at all times. If we ask you to step out of the pro shop or clubhouse, please do not take this as a personal afront - think of it as our staff looking out for the safety of everyone!

The spring aerification of our greens is halfway finished, as all front 9 greens are completed.


We are taking $10 off our weekend rate as a small compensation for continuing to 

patronize Thoroughbred while we complete this procedure that is necessary

to provide you with the best putting surfaces in the Lexington area.

Thank you all for your continued support, acceptance, and understanding as we

continue to offer a great distraction and exercise while doing our best

to do so safely for al

Thoroughbred Golf Club

What's happening at Thoroughbred

Saturday, April 4 -   Course is open - carts - 90 degree

1 person per cart, unless from the same family and/or household. We ask that people not here to play golf not go on the course, as we 

Important note: 

There will be a strict enforcement of Kentucky ABC laws.

Enjoy the best Bloody Mary in town @ Daddy Joe's 

What is the 90 ͦ rule for carts?

The 90 ͦ  rule for carts means this: 

Carts stay on cart paths for travel down the length of the hole that you are playing. When you get to the general area of where you are going to play your next shot, you can travel off the cart path at a 90 ͦ  angle from the path, to your ball. 

This should be done at a high point in the fairway, and avoid areas under construction or wet conditions. Once you've played your shot, you should return to the cart path on the same 90 ͦ  direction to continue down the path to the hole.

The purpose of this rule is to minimize traffic on the turf on fairways. 

Over the many years that I have been in the golf industry, I am always amazed to listen to the very golfers who continually drive down the fairways from tee to green, who complain about the condition of the fairways.

Controlling the traffic pattern of carts on maintained turf is done in a variety of ways, but the 90 ͦ  rule makes it easier for the golfer to get to his or her ball without too much inconvenience, while allowing less compaction and wear on fairway turf.

Have a question about the practices of maintaining quality turf conditions on a golf course? Or any golf related questions in general?

Feel free to stop in the golf shop, drop us an email with the question, or attend one of the upcoming Q & A sessions scheduled to discuss what is happening at Thoroughbred Golf Club. We'd love to hear your input!

Tailored Memberships

Memberships for more than one, but less than a family

A husband & wife membership, with unlimited carts and starting time privileges the same as a full family membership - $1750

Not a husband & wife? We have you covered:

A "2-some" membership, with unlimited carts and starting time privileges the same as a full single membership - $2600

Add unlimited range membership to either membership above for only $225

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